Meet our founder, Tom. Tom has spent a lifetime flying aircraft ranging from home-built radio control models to small passenger airplanes, and even a helicopter.

Tom is also passionate about outdoor photography, nature, boats, and the waterfront.


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How does this work?

We are Customer Driven. Life demands flexibility, and we understand that.

A normal video shoot works like this:

  1. Discuss flight area and goals with the pilot or our coordinators.
  2. Our Pilot surveys the area electronically to determine if flight is legal and practical. If not, there is no charge to the customer.
  3. If we're 'a go' for the flight, we will ask you to pay the flight fee. We accept all major credit cards.
  4. The flight is entered into the mission queue. Note that aerial photography work is highly weather dependent, so while we understand that you'd like your video today, it is not always safe and productive to execute a mission immediately. We will fly the mission when the conditions are right for a legal, safe flight that will produce good video. At any time prior to mission flight, we will happily cancel and refund our fee at your request.
  5. The flight is completed.
  6. Back at our office, your video is edited, placed to music if desired, and posted to youtube (or a private repository, at your discretion).
  7. You are thrilled, and tell your friends and business associates what a great job Dizmobi did for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are fully licensed under FAA part 107. A license is required for UAS (drone) work for the furtherance of any commercial entity (self, or client) regardless of whether or not the pilot is being compensated.

While these devices have a lot of technology and appear to fly themselves, you still need some real world experience both flying radio control aircraft safely, and shooting and editing video properly. This takes skill, maturity, and, a significant financial, training, and time investment.

In providing this service, backup equipment is mandatory. One drone is none, two is one. We have made significant investment in professional grade equipment to ensure that we get the shot you need when you need it.

But hey, go ahead and give your nephew a shot, especially if it's free! We hope it works out, but if it doesn't, then give us a call.

Absolutely! We fly all missions in full compliance with the law, with registered aircraft and licensed pilots. In addition to the remote pilot certificate, our founder has held an FAA pilot's license for real (passenger) aircraft since 1985 so we are well versed on aviation issues, airspace, weather, and safety.
You certainly may have all of the footage if you want it. We typically collect 15-20 minutes of video from a normal set of flights. We shoot in Ultra HD 4k, and the video files are quite large. If you want them, we'll find a way to get all of the originals to you.

There are many legal restrictions related to UAS operations in the US. Here are some highlights.

No drone can be operated within 5 miles of a class C airport (like Greater Rochester International Airport). That means most of the city of Rochester is off-limits to all drones.

Drones may not be operated over any person, unless that person is directly involved in the flight operation (like the pilot / flight team). This means that while we can film your event for you, we will need a flight area that is free of event attendees, and we have to keep the drone in that area.

Trees are a challenge for drone flights. We have done Real Estate and house / roof inspection work, but there are areas with dense, mature trees, where this is not practical. If, during our electronic survey of the flight area, we feel the target can't be flown safely, we'll let you know and there will be no charge for anything.

Wind is also a challenge for drone flights. We generally won't fly in winds greater than 12 knots, as the video quality produced is sub-optimal. In and around Rochester, sometimes this means waiting a week or more for proper weather.

Our fee is $300 for a typical session. We will travel to your location, up to one hour away from Rochester, fly the mission, return to our offices to edit your video, and post your final 1-4 minute video on Youtube (the easiest way to share these large files).

To produce a video like this, we typically shoot 15-20 minutes of footage from multiple drone flights.

There is no charge for transportation - fuel, tolls, etc. within one hour of Rochester.

If you require travel to an area more than one hour from Rochester, or if you are looking for a longer finished video, give us a call and we'll take care of you.